A Memory from the Original BVF in 2013!

Conceived for the first Village Festival in 2013, over 40 villagers took part – some experienced needlewomen and some who hadn’t done any sewing since primary school. 

Sadly, three of the contributors have since passed away.

Three generations of one village family contributed a block to each.

A lady from London, who used to holiday with relatives in Bishopsteignton as a child, saw details on the village website and asked if she could contribute. She then also came along to the Festival with her son.

A sewing club was started at the primary school and ten pupils worked together to complete the primary school block.

The wall hanging is already out of date! The horse chestnut tree near the Millennium stone has been cut down for safety reasons and Ross Chemist has moved up the hill and combined with the Post Office. Both the Ring of Bells and the Bishop John are up for sale and their future is uncertain, the Cockhaven has been sold to a chain and changed its name, and Huntly is no longer a home for retired servicemen and women but has been converted to housing.

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