Bishops PINT | Letter of Resignation by John Shaw



To the Bishopsteignton Community


After a great deal of thought and consideration, I have made the decision to resign from the Steering Group formed in January 2018 to take forward the Outline Proposals presented on 6-December meeting for a community funded pub.


This decision has not been easy to make, considering my personal time commitment, and that of my friends and contacts, over a 12-month period.


The purpose of the December meeting was to establish whether there was significant support, or not, for a detailed study of a community funded initiative to purchase and reopen the Ring of Bells. The potential benefits to the community being that we would have a stable asset, owned by us and not subject to the personal strategies of external investors. There was overwhelming support from approximately 200-households to move forward to a study.


The brief to undertake a detailed study by an Action/Steering Group within a reasonable timescale, which maintained the required time commitment of those members and positive interest by the wider community, was always going to be a challenge,


The position was further complicated by the fact that the Bishop John de Grandisson is also on the market, and the decision to extend the feasibility study to cover both pubs has greatly increased the amount of work required. I might add that I am very keen to see both pubs operate successfully, and firmly believe this to be possible.


After 2-months, I have reviewed what we have achieved so far (very little) and what is left to do with the available resources in key areas of taking the study forward. I have sadly come to the conclusion that we wont be measurably much further advanced by the end of May this year than we are now. I see May as a benchmark in that it will be 6-months since I last consulted the opinions of the village. In my view, that should have been sufficient time to enable the Steering Group to come back with recommendations on the way forward, or not, as appropriate.


As a consequence, I have reluctantly decided to draw a line. However, my original motivation will continue to see if there is any way I can help facilitate the reopening of the Ring of Bells for the benefit of the community.


John Shaw

5 March 2018