BPC Vacancy Appointment Process

A note regarding recent enquiries relating to the current casual vacancies on the Council.

  • The current Causal Vacancy period, of 14 working days, ends 4pm Monday 26th
  • Notifications have been place on social media sites, the village website & noticeboards
  • Any vacancy on a Parish Council must be advertised as above
  • The outcome of a previously held by-election cannot be utilised to appoint new members
  • It is your democratic right to call for an election to fill these vacancies should you wish
  • If a by-election is called this will be managed by the District Council and all costs must be met by the Parish Council
  • On this occasion, this cost would be met using funds from BPCs emergency reserve; this will need to be built up again by increases to parish precept claims or cutting budgets for other powers of the Parish Council
  • If a by-election is not called the vacant seat/s should be filled by co-option of Parish Council members at an open public meeting of the full council
  • When there are more candidates than available seats a members poll is conducted
  • Whichever method is adopted nominees will be given a set period in which to apply
  • In the case of co-option each candidate shall be given equal consideration

I cannot comment on the preference or criteria sought by each individual councillor and we are yet to know the method to determine new members or who might apply. Once I hear from Electoral Services regarding the outcome of the Casual Vacancy Notice period I will update you.

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