Club Lunch: 19th December 2017

CLUB LUNCH: 19th December 2017

On 19th December, members and wives enjoyed Christmas Lunch at the Golf Club where Brenda Loosemore was the after-lunch speaker.  She travelled back in time to remind the audience of life in the 1950s. 

Given our international sporting success in recent years, it was a shock to be reminded that we won just one gold medal in the 1952 Olympics and the winner was a horse – Foxhunter, ridden by Harry Llewellyn.  Football was very popular, as it is today, but the players were not paid much money. ”The Sound of Music” was performed in Broadway and Disneyland opened.

There were no domestic fridges or freezers and larders were used to keep food cold.  Mangles were one of the few aides to help wash clothes.  The Co-op has survived, but Liptons, Timothy Whites and Woolworths are no longer trading.

It was a long way from the more equal society we have today with many women having to leave work after marriage.