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As you will see from your Teignbridge District Council Tax Bill for 2018/19 the precept for the Parish Council has been increased by 14%. Below is a statement from your Parish Council Chairman explaining the need for this:


Dear Fellow Parishioners,

You will be aware of the 14% increase which your Parish Council has had to levy this year. I will not allocate figures as to how we proportion the total although it can be broken down into certain categories:-

Vacancy By-Election 2017 - Last year we had the untimely demise of a serving Councillor half way through his term of office. Preferably a vacant position is filled by co-option,  meaning we ask people to put their names forward and a suitable candidate is selected by a Parish Council vote. Unfortunately this was not the case and a small proportion of the electorate submitted a request that an election be held to fill the vacancy. This was contested, meaning more than 1 nomination was made. The total cost to the Parish for this election was £3,600 therefore wiping out our previous reserved monies. Ususally this only happens every four years and often coincides with a general election so some of the costs will be shared. To help us budget for these elections BPC allocate an amount of precept money each year allowing a reserve to build up for when the time comes. The cost of an election include room hire, invigilators, election officers, printing, stationery and postal votes.  In short, we now need to collect in two years what we would have accumulated over four, hence the increase.

Proper Officer to the Council - Without employing a Clerk the Council would not be able to function and we are lucky that in Mrs Kim Ford we have one who goes the extra mile. She also acts as our Responsible Financial Officer and Burial Authority Clerk. Added to this in May 2018 she must ensure that BPC are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations, another piece of legislation we have to comply with, and is receiving training to become our Data Protction Officer to make this possible.  Therefore to ensure all these tasks can be completed BPC have considered her burden and she has agreed to an increase in her hours; as well as the contractual payscale increase she is due. An additional allocation of the precept monies have been set for extra study time, to be matched voluntarily with her own time, to enable her to gain a level 3 qualification, Certificate in Local Council Administration, over 12 months. This amount will therefore not be necessary in future precept claims.

Other running costs of the Parish can be split as follows:-
The Parish Office rental, IT equipment & office consumables

Fore Street Toilets maintenance and utilities
The Lawns Toilets maintenance and utilities
The Lawns Multi Use Games areas maintenance, caretaker & utilities
The maintenance of the parish cemetery
St John's Church closed churchyard maintenance
Cockhaven Close children's play area equipment and maintenance
The Lawns children's playground equipment and maintenance
Wallis Grove and Radway Street community gardens maintenance
The Lawns recreation ground maintenance
The Village Green maintenance
Bishops Avenue car park maintenance
5 Bus shelters cleaning and maintenance
All public seats & picnic benches maintenance
And the insurance costs to cover all these assets.

The actual cost to a Band D household equates to £41.08 per year; or 79 pence per week.

Regards, Charles Morgan, Chairman, Bishopsteignton Parish Council


For your reference a band D property in Teignmouth will pay for their Town Council precept of 2018/19 £93.34 per annum, or approximately £1.80 per week.

Attached below is minutes of the BPC meeting where the figures and increases were resolved. Also attached is a breakdown of the figures showing the cost by category, comparative to the 2017/18 precept figures. The final downloadable document shows both 2017/18 and 2018/19 parish precept fees for properties in each council tax band in Bishopsteignton.

If there are any further question relating to this information please do not hesitate to contact the Clerk to the Council, Kim Ford by email

Council Tax Band Breakdown Download 
Approved 2018/19 Precept Budget Download 
Approved 2018/19 Precept Meeting Minutes Download 

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