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Play your part and help defeat dementia

Healthy Living Group – Minutes

19th Jan 2017

Please find attached the minutes of the Healthy Living Group AGM minutes, Jan 2017  


Dementia Awareness

Bishopsteignton Healthy Living Group (HLG) are looking at how we can create a Dementia Friendly Community to support people with a diagnosis of dementia to live well. Dementia is described as a group of symptoms that may include memory loss, difficulties with thinking, problem solving, language or recognition of people or objects and sometimes changes in mood or behaviour. Dementia is caused when the brain is damaged by diseases, such as Alzheimer’s Disease or a series of strokes. These changes are often small to start with, but for someone with dementia they have become bad enough to affect daily life.

Further reading can be downloaded here 

Bishopsteignton Memory Cafe

Announcing that the Facebook Memory Cafe is now open for Business – pop in and leave a comment!

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Care Watch launched by the Healthy Living Group

13th January 2016

The Healthy Living Group have launched Bishopsteignton Care Watch. This is a Community Support Group for the whole village sharing skills and support, ranging from lifts to doctors appointments, assistance with reading meters, collecting groceries or even just being around to listen. Details are given in the download here together with a phone number to ring. This is an exciting and helpful venture which should benefit all the village!

Healthy Living Group news: from Dr Roos Allsop



Healthy Living Group Constitution 

(download here)

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The Surgery – Where are we now? (Jan 2015)

The Healthy Living Group (HLG) was set up by Bishopsteignton Parish Council to find a replacement site for the village surgery when the current site on Church Road is vacated. Closure at Church Road is now scheduled for the end of 2015. Following the refusal of Teignbridge DC to grant Planning Permission for the Flow Lane site, The HLGroup have explored further the options available including the previously identified Plan B.

Plan B had been developed by HLG in order to provide a fall back option if the preferred site at Flow Lane failed to materialise.  Whilst Flow Lane remains the prime choice it would be irresponsible not to move forward with an alternative.

Plan B focusses on a development at Lawns End that would occupy a more level position between the existing car-park  and the playground – a very small part of the overall space at The Lawns. It would not impinge on the recreational area of the Lawns End field.

The Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting on 12 January 2015 requested HLG to look at other possible sites including the Play Area above the school at Cockhaven Close, Michaels Field and Cockhaven Mead. These three possible sites have been considered by HLG and further investigations are being carried out, however initial considerations strongly point toward a new structure at Lawns End to be the most practicable and feasible option.

In view of the urgency, given that Bishopsteignton Surgery will close at The Green on 31 December 2015, HLG are proceeding to prepare a Planning Application for a new Surgery to be constructed at Lawns End.

The Parish Council agreed to support this action at the meeting on 12 January.

It should be understood that this process is part of a potential two-way approach alongside a possible appeal by the Museum Trustees against the Teignbridge decision on Flow Lane.

If you would like to comment on the above please email to   newbishopsurgery@gmail.com

Email addresses received will be used to keep those interested informed of progress

Eddy Stephenson
Chair – HLG
21 January 2015

Bishopsteignton Memory Cafe Opens!

The first session of the Bishopsteignton Memory Cafe was held at Cockhaven Manor on Monday 16th July. About 25 people were there, including volunteers, and it was a great opportunity to meet and talk over a cup of coffee. The session was led by Tina Clifton of Volunteering in Health who welcomed everyone and explained the purpose of the cafe in supporting those who had memory problems and those who care for them. It was a very relaxing couple of hours and included a quiz and a sing-song.

Memory problems can be very isolating so the cafe is a chance to offer the ability to be part of a community and to provide the links to further support if needed. Most of us were unsure what to expect but by the end it was agreed that the morning had been a great success and we were looking to forward to the next one.

The Memory Cafe will be held on the third Monday of every month from 10 – 12 at the Cockhaven Manor so the next one will be on Monday 20th August. We look forward to meeting those who were there this time and hope to meet new people as well.

For further information on Bishopsteignton Memory Cafe please contact Tina Clifton at Volunteering in Health – 01626 771143

Drop in Consultation Day

The Healthy Living Centre Team attended the Parish Plan Drop – In event on 31st March and are very grateful for the feedback received. If you missed the day you can view copies of their presentation posters in pdf format.

A brief History

In January 2011 Channel Views Surgery wrote to patients advising that the Surgery in Bishopsteignton wold shortly be closing and that services would be provided in Teignmouth or Chudleigh.

A petition against the closure was raised and the Parish Council invited Devon PCT to a very well attended open meeting. As a result of these actions Devon PCT agreed to open a consultation process with the village and with representatives of the Parish Council.

A working party was formed and the village was delighted when on 30th November 2011 the NHS Devon Board gave their strong support to the continuation of a surgery in the village and to the development of a healthy living centre.

A new working group was formed in February 2012 with the objective of taking the initiative forward, finding and funding suitable premises.

Healthy Living Centre Team

Member’s Name
 Area of Interest
Roger Hunt Partnerships
Mary Hampson Secretary – Partnerships
Jenny Charlton Treasurer – Partnerships
Wendy Bristow Partnerships and Healthy Living Centre
Arthur Tatchell Premises (Architecture)
Alison Presst Premises and Partnerships
Roos Allsop Partnerships (HLC)
Mike Goldsmith Project Manager
Eddy Stephenson Chairman
Elaine Cawthraw Community Fund Raising and Premises
Alun Williams Premises and Funding
Brenda Gilpin Memory Café
Keith Lambert All Groups
Carlie Karakusevic Premises and Partnerships

The team can be contacted by e-mail

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