Open Letter of Appreciation to the Village Stalwarts

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who helped in any way during these snowy times. What a difference it makes to know that BERT is ready, able and out there on our behalf. Thank you Resilient Roger for being the lynch pin. And to Bishop Banter and Elaine of the Bishopsteignton Residents Association for being the hub of village communications. What a difference it makes to be kept informed. I’m sure there are countless others who were wielding shovels with grit determination and on standby. We know of at least one rescue mission and no doubt most folk can regale stories of derring-do and kindnesses above the call of duty. There is a wonderful community spirit in Bishop, we’re so glad we’re not moving out of the village!

Gill Greatorex

* BERT – Bishopsteignton Emergency Response Team