Precept Budget 2015/16 – Why Increased?

As you will see the precept for financial year 2015/16 was increased by 18% on the previous years claim. This was for several reasons. Firstly, having taken ownership and responsibility for the toilets on Fore Street from Teignbridge District Council meant additional regular expenditure for the Parish to retain this facility; a wish many parishioners expressed when closure of the public convenience was threatened. This was responsible the majority of the increase.

Secondly, the Clerk was due an increase to salary. Research established that the level at which the clerk was paid during 2014/15 on the salary scale set out by SLCC (Society of Local Council Clerks) was incorrect and effectively the Clerk had been underpaid. Her payscale was increased by several increments, however a compromise was reached meaning the level is still not inline with contracted expectation. As the Clerks salary increases each year, as per contract and in line with performance, so therefore will the amount paid to pension contributions and to HMRC for National Insurance.

The spend of the precept is reviewed each quarter, by the Clerk and the PC Finance Subcommittee; and a half year audit is conducted by and internal Auditor in October.

Click here to see the report of the first quarter budget control for the precept of 2015/16.

Click here to see the report of the 1/2 year budget control for the precept of 2015/16, and here for the internal auditors report.

Click here to see the Bank Reconcilliation for quarter 1 of finacial year 2015/16.

Click here to see the Bank Reconcilliation for quarter 2 of financial year 2015/16.

The amount held on account for the Parish Council is not inline with the Parish Precept as there are funds earmarked for specific use/projects. The spreadsheet here shows this as well as an amount held for regular costs such as staff/contractors, rent, loan repayments, etc. for a 3 month period, and the balance left as at the end November 2015

The document here gives a summary of current financial procedures carried out by the Clerk and the Internal Auditor on behalf of Bishopsteignton Parish Council.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding anything on this page please do not hesitate to contact the Clerk, Kim Ford, or 01626 870170.