READ | An important Message from the Neighbourhood Plan Team

“We believe that it is important for the community to get behind the Neighbourhood Plan and to vote for it in the referendum on Thursday 28th September. The Plan gives us – through the Parish Council- the opportunity to act on behalf of the community in future planning and development decisions. It has been created by thorough and extensive consultation and sets out policies in a range of areas relevant to the future of our parish, including housing, community facilities, economy and the environment. Everything in it has come from the residents.

Contrary to some recent rumours doing the rounds in the village about the Community Centre, the plan is clear about strongly protecting existing facilities; there is no intention to close it! The Plan strongly protects existing facilities, designates valued community areas as “green spaces”, addresses future land use and produces guidance for future development. It puts us in the driving seat for the future of Bishopsteignton to ensure it remains the great place it is. We believe – and the Independent Examiner agrees- that we have captured the essence of all the consultations and produced a plan which is comprehensive and achieveable. It needs to stand the test of time for the younger generations who will be living here. It’s about the next 20 years.

Failure to endorse the plan through the referendum would put the village’s future, as expressed by you, at risk. We’ve seen what developers can do if they are given half a chance. We’ve seen what we can do if we work together such as with the surgery. There will be no other plan if this one doesn’t get supported – we will have lost our chance to join the hundreds of communities around the country who have completed their plans and are now in charge of their future.

Vote YES on 28th September!

Neighbourhood Plan Team