Recent Presentations: The challenge of waste and recycling

“The challenge of waste and recycling” – Lizzie Burston

Lizzie Burston, Teignbridge District Council’s Waste Recycling Officer, talked to Bishopsteignton Probus Club

about recycling.  There are 60,000 households serviced by six refuse lorries and nineteen recycling vehicles. 

Once collected, the material is sorted and goes to various destinations.  Food waste goes to the Holsworthy

 anaerobic digester in which microbes remove oxygen, heat and electricity are generated, leaving

 fertiliser which is sold to farmers.  Glass goes to Yorkshire, aluminium to Liverpool and steel to

 Somerset.  Plastic bales go to the midlands and paper to Norfolk.  The longest journey is for cardboard which

 goes to China.


Lizzie told club members that fifty-seven per cent of our waste is recycled and this is important because it

reduces the need to extract fresh raw materials and conserve resources.


Club member John Kay thanked Lizzie and said he had never known so many questions to be raised, reflecting

the importance members placed on recycling and knowing the rationale and specific arrangements for

 collecting waste.