Recent Presentations: A Concise View of USA

A Concise View of USA – Phil Evans

Phil Evans gave Bishopsteignton Probus Club his take on America, ranging from the country’s geography, history, sociology, religion, weather and population data to its constitution, controversial gun law, high crime rate, huge army, massive national debt and much more. He painted the picture of a nation with strong but contrasting views and deep convictions.    

The USA is a very big country, covering 26,000 miles from the Pacific coast to the Sierra Nevada mountains. There are impressively large and wild National Parks which make up some twenty-eight per cent of the country.  Some have always been wild and others have been given a nudge in that direction by the government “encouraging” people to leave.  The population of 318 million is much larger than the UK’s 68 million but it is dwarfed by China’s 1,300 million.

Many aspects of life in America are on a huge scale, including their armed forces (23 million) and especially their use of oil.  As the World’s third largest oil producer they create a phenomenal amount but they are still the World’s largest importer.  Their National Debt is eye-watering at over eighteen trillion dollars.  To give this a perspective, if we counted one dollar per second it would take 31,709 years to reach just one trillion.  There are 200 million guns in the USA and 40,000 people are killed or injured annually.  Not only are guns easily purchased, they are also easily accessible in American homes where forty per cent are kept in bedside tables.

Phil Evans (left) is thanked by former Club treasurer, Ken Cassidy.