Recent Presentations: Life In Hong Kong

Life In Hong Kong: Angela White

Angela White talked to Bishopsteignton Probus Club about her time in Hong Kong. At first, she and her husband were in a hotel which was good because everything was done for them, from making beds to cleaning and laundry. However, after the initial novelty it became less attractive due to living in such a small space and sharing it with other creatures. There were gecko lizards which were sometimes tolerated because they got rid of mosquitoes and insects. Cockroaches offered nothing positive, so they were killed on sight.

Health, hygiene and unpleasant smells were very different to the UK and Angela stopped sailing her dinghy after a dead pig floated past her. It was not the first unpleasant thing she saw in the harbour because both solid and liquid waste from the many houseboats were emptied into the harbour.
The market conditions were unlike English supermarkets with bartering to get the best prices and much of the food was kept alive in cages on display. Customers would pick out which chicken they wanted and it was then killed, plucked and gutted.

Transport was efficient and cheap, but noisy. There was very little personal crime, such as mugging and theft; drugs and finance were the main crimes and they were often associated with the triads (Chinese mafia) who used meat cleavers to settle arguments and engage in gang warfare.

Angela White Is Greeted By Probus Member Bryan Dunford.