The Story of my lost Glasses!

I would like to thank everyone involved in the return of my glasses. Last thurs morning 1st of May I was going to the village shop, the dustmen were fast advancing on me so I hurried past Lendrick  tripped up landed on the ground and my shopper bag containing said glasses went flying unbeknown to me!
I dragged myself up quickly feeling a fool as a couple of cars were waiting to let the dustcart through.  
Making my way to the shop I realised I had scraped my nose (it is a bit big) and was bleeding. Nicky in I the shop kindly put a plaster on my conk and made my way home. On the way back my granddaughter text me and after looking in my bag for my glasses realised they must of disappeared during my tumble and had probably got crushed under the dustcart.
Later that evening I thought I will just go back up the village and have a look you never know they might have survived. But no. I met Sue Green and explained to her what I was doing after explaining the reason for a big red graze on my nose. She did advise me to knock on Bonnies door but not wanting to be a bother I didn’t. It then turned out that the dustmen picked them up and put them in her food waste bin which she didn’t notice until a couple of days later. I think something was then put on the village website and Sue mentioned my name and that I lived in the bottom half of grange park somewhere. Bonnie then knocked on doors in the pouring rain and eventually found me .
My husband said I should have been wearing sensible foot wear, as it was warm I had flip flops on, so no sympathy there.
I would like to express my thanks to everyone involved and will watch my step in future.