40 Years of Working for BBC Blue Peter Programme


Alex Leger talked to Bishopsteignton Probus Club about his forty years at the BBC, producing, directing and filming the classic children’s programme Blue Peter. During this time, he worked with Blue Peter legends John Noakes, Valerie Singleton and Peter Purves. He described how he made the film he made of John Noakes climbing Nelson’s Column without safety equipment in the days before health and safety would have prevented such filming.   Alex described John Noakes as being fearless and “didn’t have the same fear gene as the rest of us”, adding that he was a very humble man who people liked and were drawn to.

Probus Club members were shown one of the most famous and funniest clips of Blue Peter in which presenters Val Singleton and John Noakes seemed to lose control whens Lulu the elephant and her zoo keeper were in a film studio with the elephant rampaging in every direction, defaecating and at one stage seemed to stand on John Noakes’ toe.

Alex Leger talked about the wide range of films he shot in various environments, including gorillas in the forest, famine in Ethiopia, and presenters skydiving and swimming with sharks.

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Photo attached: Alex Leger (left) with Probus Club treasurer Morgan Wilmot.


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