A Season of Remembrance

On Sunday 1st November at our morning services, in church and on-line, we will be celebrating the Feast of All Saints giving thanks for those men and women in whose lives the church as a whole has seen the grace of God powerfully at work.

Later in the day All Souls or the Commemoration of the Faithful Departed allows us to remember with thanksgiving before God those we have known personally. This Year, St John’s in Bishopsteignton will be open between 2pm and 4pm on Sunday for anyone to come to the church and if they wish light a candle in remembrance.

Prayers will be said on the hour and half hour and the names of departed loved ones will be read out.

Details about Acts of Remembrance are available on our website at http://haldonteam.org.uk/index.php/7-welcome/99-a-season-of-remembrance

As a visual way of showing our memory of other people, please feel free to bring a piece of ribbon and tie it to the railings or gate at any of our churches in memory of someone anytime from 1-14 November. Do add a name or message if you wish.

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