Bishopsteignton Outdoor Art Group (BOAG) ‘Towers of Concern’

Towers of Concern

Bishopsteignton Outdoor Art Group (BOAG)


BOAG have relocated their 5 themed towers around the village for you to find. Made for TRAIL, they were previously shown on Teignmouth seafront. As you take your exercise walks during lockdown, we hope you will enjoy coming across them. See if you can spot the following:

  • Tip of the IcebergIcebergs are breaking up. Spot the crack appearing?
  • Farming TodaySpot the caged chicken? Not free range!
  • Oil RiggerMany seabirds die in oil spill disasters. Spot the oiled cormorant?
  • SeaphenaliaSpot the jelly fish. There will be many more with warmer seas!
  • Fashionista!Well to do ladies of the past used to have stuffed birds in their hats as decoration. Spot the regal swan?


Don’t worry, this is not replacing the annual BOAG Christmas Trail which will be up and running mid December as usual. We are all working hard on our art pieces but the theme is strictly ‘hush, hush’ for now!

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