Bishopsteignton Preschool Transfer

As from 1st September, Bishopsteignton Preschool has transferred to a Governor run Preschool which is being led by Bishopsteignton Primary School. As part of the previous arrangement, a committee of volunteers took responsibility for the running of the Preschool; hiring staff and overseeing the financial organisation. The setting had been successfully developed over recent years meaning that the demand for places had been sustained with many families enjoying the environment and the service that has been provided. 


As with all Preschools, the significant change in accountability and the subsequent time pressures experienced by the volunteers meant that the committee started to look for other options to guarantee the future of the Preschool.


‘The committee of volunteers have done an amazing job of raising the profile of the Preschool to create a positive and thriving atmosphere to secure the Early Years provision in our village. Our Primary School is delighted to be able to continue to build on the excellent reputation of the setting. We will be working alongside the existing staff to further develop the learning  and transition experiences for children now and in the future’ said Dave Killoran, Headteacher at Bishopsteignton Primary School.


During the lockdown period, the committee decided to further develop their provision by completely rejuvenating an overgrown area in the school grounds that backed onto the preschool. After extensive planning and work, the area now boasts a willow dome; adventure playground resources and an enormous blackboard which is perfect for the children to practice their mark making skills. 


‘This is an exciting time for our whole school community and the development of the new area shows the dedication the committee had to secure the very best provision for their children’ Mr Killoran added. ‘We share this ambition and are committed to further developing this quality of care and experience for children in our community for years to come.’


Places are available at the Bishopsteignton Preschool for September. For more information please contact the Preschool Leader, Yeash Burkill, on 

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