Bishopsteignton Probus Club – Recent presentation – Driverless Vehicles


Professor David Jeffery, formerly of the Transportation Research Group, made a presentation about the potential of driverless road vehicles to Bishopsteignton Probus Club. He outlined the key elements of driverless vehicles, including the latest high definition camera, GPS, three-dimensional laser scanners, and radar, all of which feed information into the vehicle’s computer. He said they improve safety and efficiency whilst reducing the vehicles’ environmental impact.

Small automated vehicles are already part of our transport system with the docklands railway being a prime example, together with pods at Heathrow Airport where pods link Terminal 5 with the car park.

Professor Jeffery outlined new projects and said that by 2020-2025, car manufacturers expect self-driving cars to be on the road with Tesla’s model 3 SDC (self-driving car) available to order now in the UK although delivery dates are currently unknown.

Attached photo: Professor David Jeffery (left) is thanked by former club chairman Ian Doddrell.

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