Bishopsteignton Probus Club Recent Presentations – Cyber Crime


Laura Cowie and Grahame Mace, Cyber Protection Officers, talked to Probus Club about cyber-crime which allows criminals to be a long way from the crime scene and lets them undertake multiple offences at the same time.

In the past year, more than four in ten businesses and two in ten charities have experienced cyber security breaches or attacks. A common problem is ransomware which stops you opening files and demands you pay money to give access to your files. A major example of this was an attack on NHS computers two years ago. Eighty-one NHS trusts were affected with 691 operations cancelled. Another scam affecting businesses is CEO spoofing (also known as Bogus Boss) which involves an e-mail allegedly from the company boss instructing urgent payment to somebody.

Dating and romance fraud is common amongst the over-50s. This might involve a lady using a dating agency, which introduces her to a good-looking gentleman abroad. One of many scenarios can then arise, such as him telling the lady he is going to fly here to meet her. This e-mail is followed by a claim that he has crashed his car and cannot afford to travel to England unless the lady pays the flight cost. If the lady sends money for the flight, another e-mail comes through saying the son has a death-threatening illness and more money is urgently needed.

Club members were advised on many ways to reduce the risk of being a cyber victim, including the need to use strong passwords, install security software and download software updates.

Attached photo: Left to right, Cyber Protection Officers Laura Cowie and Grahame Mace, together with Probus Club members Bryan Dunford (gave Vote of Thanks) and chairman John Tuddenham.

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