Bishopsteignton Probus Club – Visiting Speaker – Life At Your Local Newspaper


Sandra Perraton, managing director of the Tindle group newspapers in the South West, made a passionate presentation about local journalism to the Bishopsteignton Probus Club. She said journalists identify and write extensively about local issues and local people which helps local papers to thrive despite a national decline in people reading newspapers.

Younger people are buying fewer newspapers and are increasingly getting much of their national news from the Internet and other media. By running so many truly local stories, papers offer news which generally has not already hit the national headlines and by putting a local slant on national stories, they show how national news is affecting the local community and how local people and events influence national events. There has been a significant drop in newspaper circulation nationally but locally it is much less. It is nevertheless difficult to maintain profits because of a significant drop in advertising which is important to newspapers because the sale of newspapers does not even cover the production costs.

Dr.Nigel Darby, Press Officer, Bishopsteignton Probus Club.

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