Bishopsteignton Probus Club press officer, Dr Nigel Darby said, “Bishopsteignton Probus Club and many other local organisations are fortunate to have support from the local newspapers through regular reports on our club trips, lunches and club talks.” He said that no club can operate with maximum impact without a good chairman and an active, responsive committee. The Bishopsteignton Probus Club is fortunate to have had a succession of exceptional chairmen and a highly effective committee. The committee is shown on the attached photo….On front row from left: John Tuddenham, secretary, and past chairman; Peter Hartley, chairman; Baz Carpenter, trip organiser and immediate past chairman; Henry Merritt, programme secretary and former chairman. On back row from left: Nigel Darby, press officer; Ian Gray; David Carpenter-Clawson, vice chairman and IT adviser. Not pictured is Tony Corlett, the club’s treasurer.

Probus Club Chairman Peter Hartley acknowledges that since his appointment, he has been lucky to have such an active committee, adding that “If I was to single out one key role, it would be that of the Programme Secretary. The variety of speakers, topics and quality of content have attracted new members and kept attendances up whilst some clubs have struggled to keep members.” The committee helps the process by commenting on the draft Probus programme and agreeing the final version. The committee also acts quickly when circumstances change. For example, when Storm Barra was forecast with gusts up to 80 mph locally, it was immediately agreed to change the live presentation to a zoom presentation which members watched in the comfort of their homes, rather than risk a very unpleasant journey to the club venue. Significant decisions have included modernisation of club members’ dress code and cancelling a year’s subscription during Covid because the club operated through zoom instead of live presentations. Committee members also have a presence at village activities, including the chairman laying a wreath at the annual Act of Remembrance.

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