Bishopsteignton Probus Programme 2020/21

The original programme was prepared in January 2020 for the forthcoming season from September 2020 to May 2021. The impact of COVID on the programme has been significant, with the need to have presenters willing to use Zoom.
Below is the revised Programme which we hope you will find interesting and uplifting in these difficult times.
So, if any villager would like to join our zoomed Probus talks as a guest, they would be very welcome. Simply email our Secretary, David, giving your email address and when he issues the ‘invitation to join the meeting’ shortly before the meeting date, David will include guests’ invitations with the members’ invitations.
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Probus Programme 2020/21 – Revised -COVID  version – November 2020
8 September 2020 NO MEETING
22 September 2020 Climbing Dartmoor Tors Roger Avery
6 October 2020 The Fatal Shore Phil Badcott
20 October 2020 The Redoubtable Swiss David Hinchcliffe
3 November 2020 Life Of Harry Brearley Ian Handford
17 November 2020 Tales of a Devon Tour Guide Alex Graeme
1 December 2020 Wolves of Yellowstone Kirsty Peake
5 January 2021 The Mass Extinction of the North American Megafauna Peter Lewis
19 January 2021 A Virtual Tour Of Lundy Island Simon Dell
2 February 2021 Public Lands of the USA Ron Franklin
16 February 2021 London’s New River John Polley
2 March 2021 The Lieutenancy Of Devon Brian Wills – Pope
16 March 2021 History of Cartoons Ian Barclay
30 March 2021 North Island – New Zealand Ken Wright
13 April 2021 Commercial Fishing Stewart Lenton
4 May 2021 Battle of Britain – Memorial Flight Richard Gibby
18 May 2021 Memories of Torquay 1900 -1970 Eric Waltham