Don’t Leave your Dog Mess on our Village Green!


You’re risking our health! That’s the message to Bishopsteignton dog owners from disgruntled pupils at the village primary school.

Dog-fouling can give humans toxocariasis, which causes serious illness and even blindness, particularly in children.

Toxocariasis is an awful condition that can leave children permanently blind. But the disease can be controlled if dog faeces are disposed of immediately in a responsible manner.

Dog owners have no excuse for exposing children to the risk of this disease and must pick up their pet mess.

“Most dog owners are responsible, but a few are spoiling it for everyone else and we must take action.”

The message from the children is “Dog poo is horrible and we are asking dog owners to clean up their mess, so that we can play on the green without stepping in it.”

“Dog-fouling is the subject of constant complaints from village residents and we are committed to taking action.

“We urge residents to be our eyes and ears and help us tackle this problem by reporting the irresponsible dog owners.”

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