Help the Bid for an E-Bike hire facility in Teignmouth

Teignbridge District Council, in partnership with Devon County Council, are exploring the potential to apply for funding for a low cost E-Bike hire facility outside Teignmouth railway station. Funding is available from the GWR Customer & Communities Improvement with a deadline of the end of October. For the bid to succeed, there would need to be evidence of community support.

TDC and DCC are also investigating the potential for delivery of E-Bikes at Dawlish and Dawlish Warren, which would link Teignbridge into the existing network within Exeter. This would give people a new, fun, low cost option for sustainable travel. Journeys would be quicker and easier than on an ordinary bike and can avoid the need for people to take their bike on the train.

It would also help to reduce congestion and air pollution if people use an E-bike rather than a car for short journeys. It can also enable a wider range of residents to take up bicycle usage and a more active lifestyle, with associated health benefits.

Completing this form below will take less than the time it has taken you to read this post but your support could be critical to us winning the money on offer for this great project!

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The Teign Estuary Trail Campaign Group has been asked to find out how much community support there is for an E-bike facility outside Teignmouth station. Our priority remains campaigning for the trail but we think there would be advantages in having this facility as well and, unlike the trail, it could be in place very quickly if the funding bid is successful.