Healthy Living Group July Meeting Notes

Download Here: MINUTES OF HLG July

JULY 26th 2018

Apologies: Carlie Karakusevic, Ros Hearn, Roos Allsop, Keith Lambert &Wendy Bristow.

Present: Ann Meyrick, Andy Davies, Jacqueline Pester, Jenny Charlton, Alison Prestt, Elaine Cawthraw, Eddy Stephenson, Fran Edwards, & Mary Hampson.

Eddy welcomed Kate Benham, our new Parish Councillor, to the meeting.

Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting on May 17th 2018 were accepted as a true record. Proposed by Elaine. Seconded by Ann.

Matters arising( not on the agenda): Surgery Hub in Teignmouth. Andy provided an update on this matter. The views that had been gathered on this proposal are now being assessed. Overall there was support for a new medical building but people wanted this to be in the centre of town, on the flat and with sufficient parking provision. As a result the site in Brunswick Square is again under consideration. A document on this will be coming out shortly before moving on to the next step. It was noted that £1 million has already been set aside but would need to be spent by 2020. It became apparent from the consultation that there was a general lack of knowledge and understanding of the work of the Wellbeing team Therefore the NHS will be setting out clear explanations of the terminology used in this area and the roles of people such as “the Wellbeing Coordinator”

Agenda Items

Finance: Jenny, the treasurer, said she was experiencing some difficulty in paying in cash following the closure of the local bank branch. In order to deposit cash into the account via the Post Office a new paying in book will have to be issued with the relevant bar codes on each slip. The problem arose when she was trying to pay in the proceeds of the coffee morning held at Fran’s house for the Heritage Trust who were donating the profits to HLG. £264 was raised at this event and thanks expressed to both Fran and the Heritage Trust.
HLG funds currently stand at £1425.38,( £600 of which is ringfenced for the Trim Trail) + £264.61 waiting to be paid in.

Bishop Care Watch: Jacqueline, BCW coordinator, reported there had been some response from the request made for more drivers. Everything is running smoothly at the moment but there is now a need to revamp and reissue the leaflets.

Dementia Friendly Village: Alison has had to relinquish leadership of this due to pressure of work but she is still happy to contribute to the scheme. Thanks to her for all her efforts so far. Alison pointed out that there is training available for a Dementia Champion at various places in Devon over the next few months. It was felt that it would be preferable to have a Champion from within the village rather than depending on outside organisations to provide one. Eddy said he could approach someone he knew in the village who already works in the area of Dementia and who would be a suitable person for such a position. He will report back on this at the next meeting (if not before)

Trim Trail: Keith had sent in some examples of possible equipment for the Trim Trail and these were discussed. It was generally felt that metal equipment would be better than wooden as it would be easier to maintain, be more secure against vandalism and provide a sturdier installation. The view was raised that perhaps rather than concentrating equipment on one site at Lawns it might be better to have some items at different locations around the village. It was felt this might encourage greater use on a casual basis rather than always having to make a deliberate visit to the Lawns area. The question was also raised about the possibility of having a concrete table tennis table similar to the one on Teignmouth sea front. This project needs to be moved along fairly quickly and to this end various actions are to be taken and results brought back to the next meeting: Roos & Keith to look further into suitable equipment including prices of items and their installation, Eddy to contact Kim, the Parish Clerk, for definite information concerning the site of the Trim Trail and Elaine to contact Katie Chaplin of Teignbridge CVS.
The idea of having a Bereavement Counsellor available within the village was raised. All agreed this would be a good idea. If a suitable, qualified person could be found, the Counselling service could then be signposted via BCW.
Meeting closed at 8.50 pm.
Next meeting: 6th September at 7.30 pm at the Methodist Church.

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