Healthy Living Group Meeting Minutes


November 27th2018

Apologies: Ros Hearn, Roger Hunt, Jacqueline Pester, Kate Benham, Alison Prestt & Finella Whitehorn.

Present:      Fran Edwards, Eddy Stephenson, Elaine Cawthraw, Carlie Karakusevic, Roos Allsop, Andy Davies, Ann Meyrick, Derek Greatorex, Jenny Charlton, Keith Lambert, Wendy Bristow & Mary Hampson.

Minutes:     The minutes of the previous meeting on September 6thwere accepted as a true record. Proposed by Elaine and seconded by Andy

Matters arising:   One item other than those arising in the agenda below. A Bereavement Counsellor will be joining HLG at the AGM. Carlie, through her work with Macmillan, informed the group that Marj Dawson has been appointed as a Link worker with Volunteering in Health dealing especially with end of life issues. She will not have a medical role but rather a pastoral one, working with those diagnosed with incurable illnesses to help them identify and fulfil needs during the remaining time of their life. The exact programme will be tailored to the individual and will concentrate on those areas that are identified by the individual as of importance to them.

Meeting items:     

  1. Care Watch:  Fran reported that Care Watch is going well thanks to the hard work and organisation of the co-ordinator, Jacqueline Pester. The group also emphasised that in order to provide a full view of the demands and workings of Care Watch all requests should, if possible, be made via the co-ordinator or, if not possible, then should be reported to her afterwards.
  2. Trim Trail:  The Parish Council has approved the idea of the stone table tennis table and quotes are being received for both this item and its installation.  One quote for base was £3,400. Other quotes for this are being sought. Several quotes have been received for the actual table and they vary considerably from £1,500 to £3,800. Some of the variation is because some quotes are for square tops and others for rounded edge ones. The meeting decided that although more expensive, the rounded edge ones would be preferable and safer. Since the money for this item needs to be spent by the end of the financial year, permission was given by the group for the final decision to be made by the small working party involved in this rather than calling another full meeting. Once this particular item is in place we can begin to look at other ideas for pieces of equipment.

Roger Avery has produced several suggested village walks. Roos will look at these and try to devise a measurement scheme for the healthy effectiveness of each walk. It was also suggested that we should work to produce a Heritage Walk in conjunction with the Heritage group. Derek also suggested that perhaps Roger’s walks could be tied in with those village walks produced for the Millennium and he will follow this up. Elaine pointed out that the Norman Family Trust could be approached for funding to provide signage. She also said some of the scouts will be working on producing these walks as part of their D of E work.

  • Dementia Friendly Village: Eddy reported that Finella is in place as the village Dementia Champion and is hoping to attend a course for this in the New Year. Elaine informed the meeting that the raising of Dementia Awareness talks for young people will take place in the Primary School, led by the Alzheimers Society but the Head will talk directly to them to ascertain the exact content of the talk.
  • Memory Cafe: Mary reported that there had been a recent increase in numbers, some of whom came from outside the village. People seem to like the relaxed, informal nature of the cafe and the fact it is held within a community environment in the Cockhaven Arms. Unfortunately there could be problems on the horizon concerning the location of the Memory cafe as Cockhaven have applied for planning permission and hope to start work on converting part of the function room (where the Memory Cafe is now held) into bedrooms and this could begin as early as February 2019. Cockhaven have offered alternative accommodation for February but it remains to be seen how feasible it will be to hold future Memory Cafe sessions in what will remain of the function room. If this proves to not be possible we will have to look for new accommodation that would meet our requirements i.e. big enough within the village with parking and accessible to those of limited mobility.


Jenny reported that finances were in a fairly healthy state but she was having some problems in setting up online banking facilities to enable her to have sight of the account. Statements seem to be few and far between at present which could in future be a problem

Definition of HLG Financial Year: It was decided that HLG financial year would run from December 1stto November 30th. This would allow time for the accounts to be audited ready for the AGM in January

Trustees: It was decided to increase the number of Trustees from 6 to 8 to include the treasurer and secretary of HLG. The meeting agreed to add Jenny Charlton and Mary Hampson to the board of trustees.

AOB:     i) Elaine had received a proposal for Seated Yoga sessions which she had circulate to HLG members. It was decided to hold the taster sessions offered probably in April. Discussion then centred on how to promote this event and how to target those who would benefit most from them. It needs to be inclusive, especially if we are to apply for funding for this.

ii) Andy reported that progress on the co-location of Teignmouth surgeries is being made with an NHS consultation process taking place in early 2019. It is hoped the new build at Brunswick Street will be completed in 2020. 

iii) At the Village Festival in June 2019 HLG & BERT (Bishopsteignton Emergency Resilience Team) will be sharing a gazebo to raise awareness of both groups.

iv)  Defibrillators. Lewis Myers has offered to run some 2.5 hour sessions on defibrillators, strokes & burns at a cost of £10 per person. It was felt that this was a good idea. Sessions will be held at the Methodist Church in Feb/March.  No charge but donations.

v) Scouts. They will be carol singing at the Ring of Bells on Monday 10thDecember at 6 pm (and afterwards at Moors Park & Bishopsteignton House) Money raised will go to Devon Air Ambulance.

Next meeting    AGM 15thJanuary at Methodist Church at 7.30 pm

Meeting closed at 9 pm

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