Healthy Living & Wellbeing Group Meeting Update

May 28th 2019

Apologies: Ann Meyrick, Andy Davies & Kate Benham,

Present: Fran Edwards, Eddy Stephenson, Elaine Cawthraw, Roos Allsop, Jenny Charlton, Carlie Karakusevic, Jacqueline Pester, Keith Lambert, Mary Hampson & Finella Whitehorn

Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting on April 2nd were accepted as a true record. Proposed by Jenny and seconded by Elaine

Matters arising: There were no matters arising other than those on the agenda.

Meeting items:

(a) Memory Café: Mary reported that this continues to run successfully with some new clients. Due to numbers and enthusiasm, the sessions can be a little noisy which does not suit all clients so during activities a quieter area will be offered for those who would prefer this. Singing for Memory has changed its day to the 4th Tuesday of the month. It is enjoyed by those attending (although we would like to see greater numbers coming) and there is definite evidence of the benefits it provides especially for those with memory problems. Despite usual difficulties in remembering things, some clients are able to fully participate in singing and remember clearly the words of songs. Helen Garrett, who runs the Singing for Fun group, attended the last session and has offered to lead the singing activities when possible.
(b) Dementia Friendly Village: Finella reported that she is now ready to start delivering her Dementia Awareness presentations. She will start with a group of Memory Cafe Volunteers + a few others as a practice run. Mary to arrange date and time.
(c) Defibrillators and CPR training: Eddy reported that he had given a short presentation on this topic to The W.I. Lewis Meyers will be giving a similar presentation at the Village Festival in June. A discussion also took place as to whether another defibrillator should be provided in the village and if so exactly where it would be useful and feasible to locate it.
(d) Care Watch: Jacqueline reported that this was running well but there was an issue with the phone. A new phone had been donated but it is an i-phone and there was a problem in transferring data from the old phone to this. It was suggested that Tesco might be able to offer this technical service. Jacqueline will look into this but if this proves unsuccessful HLG will look at providing an alternative phone.
Leaflets about Care Watch will be available from the HLG stall at the Village Festival. Jacqueline also asked that a large poster showing just the number to call be produced and displayed in places such as the Pharmacy. Jenny is to action this.
(e) Trim Trail: The quote now received for the installation of the base of the Table Tennis table is far greater than expected and exceeds the funds set aside for this purpose. Keith is to follow this up to see if a reduced price is possible.
Roos has had a meeting in order to kick start the Walks project and this is close to fruition. The logistics of this is being undertaken by a local young man, Will, who is undertaking this as part of his Duke of Edinburgh Award. It would be good if both the walks project and the Table Tennis were ready to be promoted at the Village Festival.
(f) Finance: Jenny reported that HLG bank account with The Co-op is now electronic and issued Mary & Keith, as new signatories, with readers to access the account. The present balance is £2427.55. Jenny is to look into the setting up of Gift Aid facilities for donations.
(g) Teignmouth Hospital/Medical Centre plans: An update was given on this but it was pointed out that public discussion of the scheme had necessarily been suspended during the local elections.

Gentle Exercise: This 8 session course has been very successful and Kim, the instructor, has proved to be an excellent teacher. Two sessions remain on May 31st and June 7th, 10.30 – 11.30 in the Methodist Church. Numbers attending regularly have settled at 15 – 18 and there is a desire to continue with this project. It may be possible for members of the existing group to continue these sessions but this will have to be arranged between them and Kim and there would probably be payment required for this. At present funding sources are being explored to see if another gentle exercise course could be offered in the autumn,

Repair Cafe: This is to be held at the Community Centre on Saturday October 12th between 10 and 1. It is run under the aegis of Sustainable Bishop who will organise and ensure insurance etc is in place. It will be free on the day although donations will be welcome. If any repairs need to be carried out beyond the time of the cafe this will have to be arranged with the repairer and a small fee would be payable. A First Aider will need to be present (possibly Fran and/or Serena?). Any electrical work undertaken would be pat tested and Sustainable Bishop will arrange for this to be done at the Cafe. Organisers will need to know in advance who will be offering their services at the Cafe. Tea and coffee will be available.

Village festival: HLG will be sharing a tent with BERT for the 3 days of the festival. Display boards are needed and Eddy is to investigate whether Teignbridge have any for hire. The possibility of buying display boards in the future will be investigated after this year’s festival along with the issue of storage of any such items. The stall will need to be manned during those 3 days – Jenny to create a volunteer sheet which she will circulate by email over the next few days.

AOB: None

Next meeting: 16th July at Methodist Church at 7.30 pm
Meeting closed at 9 pm

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