Teign Estuary Trail: DCC Still on course to submit Planning Application this Autumn

Notes of joint meeting of Bishopsteignton Parish Council working group and Teign Estuary Trail Campaign Group

11 May 2020 at 7pm via Zoom


Bill Bailey, Teign Estuary Trail Campaign Group
Cllr Kate Benham, Bishopsteignton Parish Council
Rona Boyne, Teign Estuary Trail Campaign Group
Roger Brewer, Teign Estuary Trail Campaign Group
Kim Ford, Clerk, Bishopsteignton Parish Council
Cllr Andrew McGregor, Teignbridge District Council
Cllr Henry Merritt, Bishopsteignton Parish Council (Chair)
Cllr Suzanne Nicholson, Bishopsteignton Parish Council
Roger North, Devon County Council
Ben Northcott, Teign Estuary Trail Campaign Group
Cllr Ron Peart, Devon County Council
Judith Sharples, Teign Estuary Trail Campaign Group (note taker) Estelle Skinner, Teignbridge District Council

1. Welcome
The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked those involved in organising it.

2. Update
Roger and Estelle provided an update on progress since the last meeting on 10th February as follows:

Estelle is still in contact with Ian Stewart, the SW Regional Development Manager at Sustrans and is keeping him informed of developments in the hope that he can advise of any funding that becomes available via Sustrans. The £2bn investment in cycling announced by the government in February, which includes £250m of emergency funding announced last week to enable more people to cycle and walk during the current crisis, was discussed. Roger understands that DCC is intending to apply for some of the funding and is awaiting further details but it looks like the funding is intended to be used in urban areas.

Judith suggested that DCC could make further applications for funding for the route from Dawlish to Teignmouth as this route is ‘shovel ready’ (apart from the outstanding issue with the kissing gates) and would enable a lot of young people who had been travelling to school by train between Teignmouth and Dawlish to cycle instead. Roger advised that this might be possible.
At present, the only identified funding is the £400k provided by DCC and TDC towards the cost of preparing the planning application for the section from Passage House Inn to Morrisons/A381 junction.
Dawlish to Teignmouth

Roger advised that Network Rail’s latest plans for realignment of the railway and a new sea wall would still not permit cycling along the sea wall as the path between Teignmouth and Sprey Point would not be wide enough. Therefore, DCC will proceed with the inland route subject to funding.

Passage House Inn to Bishopsteignton
Roger advised that DCC is still on course to submit the planning application this autumn. Good progress had been made with the surveys before lockdown. Work was temporarily halted as a result of the lockdown but has now resumed with the landowners’ agreement. Further ecological surveys will be required over the summer period. Discussions are ongoing with Network Rail about the proposals to utilise some of their land and a response from Network Rail is still awaited.
It was noted that TDC will be a statutory consultee when the planning application is submitted and DCC officers are keeping TDC officers informed so there are no surprises. Cllr McGregor said the Leader of TDC fully supported the trail.

Bishopsteignton to Teignmouth
Negotiations are ongoing with 5 landowners regarding this section of the route. A boardwalk section is likely to be required in the area of Jacks Patch. The latest plan is to install a tiger crossing across the A381 which will join La Roche Maurice Walk about halfway along. It is also planned to introduce a 30 mph speed limit from near Metro Motors instead of the existing 40 mph limit.
Roger confirmed that the current planning application extends as far as Morrisons. Beyond that a new route from Riverside Boatyard to Teignmouth Town Centre for cyclists and pedestrians would need to be investigated
Judith said this sounded like a very good opportunity which could help to address the issues with congestion and pollution on Bitton Park Road.

3. Other issues
Kate asked how ideas about other new cycle routes using the emergency funding could be taken forward. Roger suggested that this could be pursued through county councillors who may consult with Dave Black, Head of Services (Planning Transport & Environment).

Henry thanked Roger and Estelle for their positive progress report and for their hard work pursuing the trail.

4. Date of next meeting
This was arranged for Monday 13 July at 7pm via Zoom. Kim will send meeting details.

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