February 4th 2020

Apologies:  Alison Prestt, Carlie Karakusevic, Kate Benham, Jacqueline Pester& Derek Greatorex,

Present:Eddy Stephenson, Elaine Cawthraw, Jenny Charlton, Fran Edwards, Anne Meyrick, Andy Davies, Roos Allsop, Finella Whitehorn & Mary Hampson

Minutes:The minutes of the previous meeting on November 19th 2019 were accepted as a true record. Proposed by Elaine and seconded by Andy.

Matters arising:There were none arising other than those covered by the agenda for the meeting.

Meeting items:


(a) Memory Café: Mary reported that due to the building works at Cockhaven, the Memory Cafe has relocated to the Methodist Church for January, February and March 2020. A group of the committee is arranging a visit to Cockhaven at the end of February to check that the room there will still be suitable for the Memory Cafe and from April onwards it is hoped to revert to the Cockhaven on the third Monday of the month as before.
(b) Dementia Friendly Village: Finella reported that she is ready to give her Dementia Awareness talk to small groups of about six people. There was discussion as to who should be the target groups for this and it was felt that Chapels and Richard Moore of Bishops Court could advise on this.
(c) Care Watch: Jacqueline sent a report that BCW continues to provide help for those who ring but she was saddened that no new volunteers had materialised following an appeal in the Chronicle and a talk to the Men’s Probus group. She finds it difficult to continuously ask the same people to help but until more volunteers come forward she has no choice but to do so.       Jenny is going to design a “volunteers wanted” poster to go on display throughout the village and, with Serena’s help, on Facebook.
(d) Trim Trail: Walks: We are still waiting to hear back from Will as to which of the walks have been validated. If two walks are ready by this weekend  they will be able to be included in the Parish Chronicle as a centrefold pull-out. If this cannot be done by the deadline of February 8th then they will definitely be included in the April edition of the Chronicle.
(e) Table tennis table: This now needs to be widelypublicised ready for use in the Spring. Once again Jenny will produce a poster for this which will be displayed in all possible venues including social media. Bats and balls for use on the table are available from the Supply Stores.
(f) Finance: Jenny reported that the End of Year Accounts have now been signed off by the auditor and these will now be forwarded to the Charity Commission.
(g) Teignmouth Hospital Medical Centre: .The consultation on the new Health & Well Being Centre is anticipated to start in early March
(h) Seated Yoga/Gentle Exercise: A new session is now up and running with those attending paying to attend. Elaine and HLG are still pursuing possible funding sources for a future subsidised session.
(i) Publicity: Serena is to produce a Facebook page for HLG and will circulate it to all members.

AOB: i) Repair Cafe will take place at the Community Centre on Saturday 15th February 10 – 1. The format will be roughly as before although there will not be a Repair Kids section this time. Helpers with refreshments would be welcome.

Next meeting:. Next scheduled meeting 7th April at Methodist Church at 7.30 pm

Meeting closed at 8.40 pm