Minutes of Healthy Living & Wellbeing Group Meeting

October 27th 2020

Apologies:  Finella Whitehorn

Present:      Eddy Stephenson, Elaine Cawthraw, Jenny Charlton, Fran Edwards, Roos Allsop,  Kate Benham, Carlie Karakusevic, Alison Prestt, Serena Edwards, Lis Durham, Barbara Long & Mary Hampson

Minutes:     The minutes of the previous meeting on Zoom on 20th May 2020 were accepted as a true record. Proposed by Elaine and seconded by Jenny.

Matters arising:   There were none arising other than those covered by the agenda for the meeting.

Meeting items:


  • Memory Café: Mary confirmed that there had been no meetings of Memory Cafe since March due to the pandemic. However, they are hoping to hold a series of small coffee mornings at Cockhaven Arms starting on Monday 9th In order to conform to government rulings for Covid 19 these would not be open sessions but by invite only and numbers would be limited to 15 at each session. Letters are being sent out to clients to find out who would wish to come and then invites for a particular coffee morning would be given. There would be a maximum of 3 volunteers to ensure rules were adhered to. There could be a problem with transport as several clients in the past have relied on lifts which are no longer possible. However, once numbers and names are known Mary will contact Lis to see if Care Watch could assist.
  • Dementia Friendly Village: No report
  • Teignmouth Hospital Medical Centre: The public consultation on health & care services in the Teignmouth & Dawlish area has now closed. Carlie provided an update on the GP aspect of the proposals. If the NHS plan is accepted then it would be at least 12 months before GP services would move into the new premises. All patients affected by the change of location would be informed by the GP practices. The Teignmouth Medical Group and Channel View Surgery have now merged to form the Channel View Medical Group. Carlie assured the meeting that this will have no impact on the services provided at both Bishopsteignton and Chudleigh.
  • Trim Trail: Walks: Thanks were expressed to Jenny for passing on all the information on the walks to the Parish Chronicle which has now published these walks over several months. The exact distances of each walk are to be verified by Dave Pinkham. Suggestions for further walks should be made via Roos and/or Jenny. The idea of looking at possible suitable dog walks was also raised. The walks will be revisited and relaunched probably in February.
  • Finance: Jenny reported that at present the account stands at £2922.66 (£320 of this is ring-fenced for Gentle Exercise.

Bishopsteignton Care Watch

Care Watch: Lis was welcomed as the new co-ordinator of Care Watch with Barbara as backup. Thanks were recorded for all the work that Jacqueline had done as previous co-ordinator. Lis has updated the volunteer list and there are at present 33 definite volunteers. Her next job is to group the volunteers into the zones drawn up by BERT for easier allocation of volunteer to request. There are posters for Care Watch on display around the village and there have been articles in the Parish Chronicle and on Face Book. Jenny has kindly made a new poster to let everyone know that BCW is up and running again. When it is finalised Lis will make sure that everyone is happy with it before distributing it round the village. Since the current situation with Covid in this area is not classed as an emergency some of the functions covered by BERT have reverted to Care Watch. BERT will step back into action should the classification of Covid change to an emergency level. The current services offered by Care Watch include giving lifts and it is hoped to extend the service to include Befriending. This raises the issue of DBS and who should have this. Enhanced DBS checks would be needed for anyone dealing with children or vulnerable adults in an unsupervised situation. Eddy, Elaine & Lis are to discuss this matter further. Any DBS checks deemed necessary would be done via Teignbridge Community Volunteer Service since this would be the cheaper option and it would be funded by HLG. Elaine has contacted Amanda da Silva of ViH regarding befriending and HLG together with ViH could apply for training together through CVS.

Publicity & Social Media

Serena has already set up a Face Book page for HLG. There is already a Face Book page for Care Watch.  Serena deals with the administration of this page and will add Lis as an administrator too. Any items for inclusion on Face Book should be submitted via Serena.

Alison reported that the screen in the pharmacy window is currently shut off but will be reopened once she has had a chance to look at it. It would be a useful medium for getting across information such as from Care Watch & HLG. Once it is up and running again any information for display should be sent directly to Ben Northcott.

Community Allotment

This is at Michael’s Field and the organiser is keen to open this up as a possible Green Prescription.  It was agreed that this was a good idea and Carlie will forward to Eddy & Elaine details of the Social Prescriber, Becky, who started last week with responsibility for the Teignmouth & Dawlish area. Since the Community Allotment is part of Sustainable Bishop, it is seen as being primarily for people in the village.

Gentle Exercise

Kim who runs this is keen to start up again. Eddy will need to see her risk assessment and insurance before this can happen and needs to know the position of her professional body with regards to running sessions at this time. The money to pay for this course is already in the bank.

AGM & Trustee Elections

It is planned to hold the AGM on 12th January at 7.30 by Zoom. Eddy is to contact all trustees to check that they are happy to continue in post.


  • Kate advised the meeting that some Parish Councils had encountered some objections to their compliance with GPDR and suggested that HLG might need to look carefully at our use. Suggestion of the use of HLG email addresses rather than private email addresses for some HLG officers. Eddy is to look into this and there may well be a need for a further meeting on this issue.
  • Serena has had a meeting with Rev. Jane on the topic of mental health support & well-being and as a result is going to put together some “tool kit” sheets that could be passed on to any people who might benefit from them. Carlie suggested she could signpost people to these sheets and Serena will let her know when & where to find this information.
  • Eddy pointed out that some befriending is already taking place in the village and that it would be useful to know who is doing this in order to avoid duplication.
  • Eddy informed the meeting that the Supply Stores in the village is now up for sale.
  • Carlie thanked Eddy for arranging access to Bishop Methodist church to facilitate socially distanced flu vaccination sessions for patients registered at Bishop surgery.

Next Meeting: This will probably be the AGM in January unless a need or wish arises.

Meeting closed at 8.15 pm