Minutes of Healthy Living & Wellbeing Group Meeting – November 2019

November 19th 2019

Apologies:  Serena Edwards, Alison Prestt, Fran Edwards, Derek Greatorex & Roos Allsop,

Present:      Eddy Stephenson, Elaine Cawthraw, Jenny Charlton, Kate Benham,  Carlie Karakusevic, Keith Lambert, Anne Meyrick, Andy Davies, Mary Hampson & Finella Whitehorn

Minutes:     The minutes of the previous meeting on September 24th were accepted as a true record. Proposed by Finella and seconded by Elaine.

Matters arising:   Defibrillator: Eddy reported that he had contacted Bishopsteignton House and ascertained that they do not at present have a defibrillator. They would be happy to have one but since it is a conservation building enquiries now have to be made as to where it would be permissible to locate one.

Meeting items:


  • Memory Café: Mary reported that this continues to run successfully. Due to the building works scheduled to begin at Cockhaven in January, the Memory Cafe will relocate to the Methodist Church for January, February and March 2020. However, this has meant a change of day and Memory Cafe will take place on the morning of 2nd Wednesday of the month for those three months. The intention is to return to Cockhaven in April after checking that the building works have left sufficient space for the activities of the Memory Cafe to take place. There is some concern about transport arrangements. Some people who currently walk to Cockhaven may find it difficult to walk up to the Church. In order not to increase the traffic flow to the church Mary will be investigating the possibility of organising transport either through Dawlish Community Transport or the hiring of a minibus to run between Cockhaven and the Methodist Church.
  • Dementia Friendly Village: Finella reported that there had been no new developments but that the initiative would be resumed in the New Year.
  • Care Watch: In view of the recent accident that took place at the exit of the church it was proposed that Care Watch should be approached to see if they could assist with transport for those attending appointments at the surgery. This would reduce the amount of traffic in and out of the premises. A discussion the ensued following on from the Parish Council meeting of the previous evening where this issue had been raised. It was suggested that in order to minimise the mix of cars and pedestrians on the slope to and from the surgery the idea of installing steps away from the slope for pedestrian access be looked at. However, it was pointed out that an immediate temporary solution was also needed to prevent any reoccurrence of the accident. Carlie said that the surgery had increased the publicity requesting people not to drive to the surgery unless absolutely necessary. A longer term solution will involve the installation of some kind of crash barrier behind the War Memorial at the bottom of the slope to prevent any car from going through and onto the pavement and the road. Kate suggested that a joint working party should be set up involving not only representative from the Church and the Surgery but also interested parties from the village to look at the best solution.
  • Trim Trail: The question was raised as to how many of the walks had been validated as validation would be needed before the maps are inserted in the Parish Magazine and made public. Elaine is to contact Will to see which walks have been validated and Kate offered to carry out any validation still needed. It is hoped that the walks can then be launched at the AGM in January and included in the Parish Magazine at the end of February.
  • Finance: Jenny reported that funds were in a healthy state with a balance of £2905.26 as of 18thNovember and a further £40 pending.
  • Teignmouth Hospital Medical Centre: Carlie reported that all discussion on this matter had been suspended due to the General Election and it would be resumed once a government is in place.
  • Seated Yoga/Gentle Exercise: Kim, the instructor, is keen to run another course in January but the funding is not likely to be in place by then. CCG may be a possible funding source again or maybe the Norman Family Trust although their focus at the moment seems to be on education and young people. Elaine will talk further about this with David Cox.
  • Publicity: Serena has repeated her offer to handle anything for social media. Eddy will contact her regarding this.
  • AGM: This will be held on Tuesday 14th January 2020 at 7.30 at the Methodist Church. Eddy is to write to all Trustees asking if they are happy to continue in post. There is no need for any election this year.

AOB:  i) Eddy is to reply to a letter from Sir Andrew Ridgway concerning support for the bid for National Lottery Funding. Although HLG supports his application it feels it cannot make use of the church for meetings etc. in its current form.

  1. ii) Eddy also expressed concern over mixed messages from advertising suggesting people should consult their local pharmacy and then promoting Pharmacy4U which could well lead to the demise of local pharmacies. Eddy is to talk to Alison to see what action and support HLG can give.

iii) Elaine reminded the meeting that there is to be a Community Christmas Lunch in the Community Centre on Christmas Day for individuals or couples who would otherwise be alone on Christmas Day. This is free as funding has already been raised by James Day. Any donations made on the day will be passed on to the fund for defibrillators. However, he will need to know numbers for catering purposes. The group were asked to pass on the names of any people they thought might like to go to this.

Next meeting: AGM on 14th January 7.30 at Methodist Church.

   Next meeting 4th February at Methodist Church at 7.30 pm

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