Minutes of Healthy Living & Wellbeing Group Meeting – September 24th 2019

September 24th 2019

Apologies:  Serena Edwards, Jacqueline Pester, Alison Prestt & Kate Benham,

Present:      Fran Edwards, Eddy Stephenson, Elaine Cawthraw, Roos Allsop, Jenny Charlton, Carlie Karakusevic, Keith Lambert, Anne Meyrick, Andy Davies, Mary Hampson & Finella Whitehorn

( Will Cain was also present with his mother. Will is a member of the Scouts working on his silver D of E and for this purpose he is working on the walks being set up by HLG)

Minutes:     The minutes of the previous meeting on July 16th were accepted as a true record. Proposed by Elaine and seconded by Andy

Matters arising:   There were no matters arising other than those on the agenda.

Meeting items:


  • Memory Café: Mary reported that this continues to run successfully. There had been an outing on Thursday 19th September when a minibus from Kingscare took a party of clients and volunteers for a walk along Teignmouth promenade followed by a cream tea at the Langstone Cliff Hotel at Dawlish Warren. This had been enjoyed by all who went. The Singing for Memory had gone through a quiet spell in the summer but recent sessions had seen a healthy number in attendance. Since Cockhaven will be undertaking refurbishments from January onwards, Memory Cafe will not have use of its normal room. An offer had been made to use the back of the restaurant but it was felt this area would curtail some of the activities. Therefore, alternative temporary accommodation was being sought. Ideally somewhere fairly central with some parking was needed and it was felt that the Methodist Church would fulfil these criteria. However, it would mean changing the day of meeting. Therefore before making any final decision the clients attending the Memory Cafe would be consulted.
  • Trim Trail: i) Walks: So far two of the walks have been tested out and useful comments made. There are probably a further 5 or 6 walks to be added to these. Thanks were given to Will & who had worked on this project. There is a possibility of incorporating village footpaths into some of these walks and Will is to investigate this and liaise with Jenny & Roos. There was discussion as to how these walks could be promoted and Eddy is negotiating about having a centre fold of maps of the walks in the Parish magazine. There is also a need to consider how to signpost the walks and how to launch the project.
  1. ii) Table Tennis Table: This is now in place at Lawns and has been inaugurated. It is suitable for use all through the year. Bats & balls are available from the Supply Stores or people can bring their own. The possibility was discussed of holding a table tennis competition perhaps at half term to raise the profile of the facility. However, it was agreed that this would take some organising especially with possible safeguarding issues.
  • Dementia Friendly Village: Finella has delivered her trial talk on Dementia Awareness and is now ready to extend this to other groups in the village. She is also happy to talk to individuals or couples who feel they might benefit from this.
  • Care Watch: Jacqueline sent in a report saying that things were progressing well and that volunteers had efficiently filled the gap while she was away. One of HLG asked for clarity as to the procedures that should be followed if there was particular concern over the safety and wellbeing of someone a volunteer dealt with. It was stressed that volunteers are not trained experts and any concerns should be passed directly to the relevant bodies. Jacqueline is to be asked about these procedures and to ensure that volunteers know who to contact in such situations.
  • Seated Yoga/Gentle Exercise: The new 8 week course has started and the first session was very well attended (around 23 people). If a further course is to be offered, probably in the New Year, then funding is required. Elaine is to investigate possible sources.
  • Channel View surgery is proposing to merge with Teignmouth Medical Group This is forward planning to ensure patient primary care runs smoothly and with continuity. Feedback on this proposal is welcomed by the surgery by October 4th.

Co-location of Teignmouth Practices: The proposal is that all the surgeries in town will be located in a new Health and Wellbeing centre in Teignmouth which will include GPs, voluntary organisations & community services. For this purpose, the building will have to be adaptable. Services such as Physio, Podiatry & Audio will stay in the town.  Day surgery theatres and specialist outpatient services will be moved into Dawlish. Thus all these services will remain within the Coastal health area.

Teignmouth Hospital: The outcome of public consultation with CCG on the future of the hospital is due to be announced soon. Carlie talked about the amazing results of the Intermediate Care team within this area.

A Social Prescriber help with a range of issues has been appointed for the Teignmouth & Dawlish practices.

Flu Jabs: Dates for the flu jab for 65+ group are as follows – Bishopsteignton – October 1st. (Refreshments available in the Methodist Church) Chudleigh – October 9th. Channel View Teignmouth – October 12th. Dates of flu jabs for those under 65 will be published later. Patients registered with other surgeries locally need to check dates. Please book your appointment!

  • Finance: Jenny reported that HLG bank account with The Co-op is in a healthy state with £2748.51 in the account. Gift Aid facility has now been set up.
  • Publicity: Serena has offered to handle anything for social media. The question was raised as to whether HLG should have its own Facebook page. Matter to be discussed with Serena. Jenny has also produced publicity posters.
  • AGM: This will be held on Tuesday 14th January 2020 at 7.30 at the Methodist Church.


AOB:  i) Eddy announced that a new defibrillator had been donated. HLG agreed to pay the cost of a cabinet to house it. The question is where to site it. The location of Bishopsteignton House at Lawns was suggested & Eddy is to investigate whether there is already one there and, if not, whether Bishopsteignton House would be happy to have one located there.

  1. ii) Elaine reminded the meeting that The Repair Cafe takes place on October 12th 10 – 1 at the Community Centre. Help was requested to man the cafe part. There will also be a supervised Kids Repair area where children can take apart and explore (and perhaps even mend) items.


Next meeting: 19th November at Methodist Church at 7.30 pm

Meeting closed at 9.15 pm

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