Request: La Roche Maurice..the medieval fortress

I’m a military and naval historian here in Wales, and a frequent visitor to Brittany, naturally. A visit last year to La Roche Maurice, led not only to an excellent lunch, but a site visit to the impressive castle which looms over the town.

An hour or two, in the rain, so I was quite at home, led me to decide that this year, when in Finisterre I’d return to the site, which in it’s day must have been as impressive as Fougeres, but wet weather photos are less than useful, hence the decision to revisit.

Sadly, it’s not to be, at least for some time. However, I discovered from the Mayor’s office that Bishopsteignton is ‘twinned’ with La Roche. Is there a local historian with an interest in this castle who would be prepared to contact me? Most of my limited research in that area has been in the old Breton March, or the few accessible 100 Years War sites. La Roche is a new delight.

Dr Rob Morgan


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