Speaker Ron Franklin talking about – USA National Parks

On Tuesday, 2nd February, Ron Franklin gave a zoom presentation, watched by 38 members and guests.  He gave a detailed account of the many national parks and tourist sights in America.  Members were shown photos of many wild animals which range the vast wild and protected spaces, including bison, together with photos of the beautiful scenery, including rivers and multi-coloured mountains which contained various salts that give them such beautiful colours.   He showed slides with many interesting activities at tourist spots, including a wild west stagecoach in the desert area used for John Wayne western movies, a re-enactment of the American War of Independence and native Americans dressed in traditional gear, performing in one of the many festivals put on for tourists.

Photo of a bison in America:

Ron showed photos and explained that tepees were used by native Americans as more flexible and more transportable accommodation whereas wigwams had wooden frames and were more permanent, whilst longhouses were large structures with wooden frames and coverings which often accommodated a whole village, thus giving more warmth and protection.

America has more than eight hundred million tourists annually, including 57 million campers and seven million staying in lodges and cabins.

Chairman designate Peter Hartley gave the vote of thanks, commenting positively on the fascinating and wide-ranging combination of history and geography that Ron had covered in his talk.