Sustainable Bishop – Relaunch

Sustainable Bishop is going through a bit of a revival with a relaunch at the Festival in June 2019 and events following on after that.
This local group started approx 9 years ago, with a Give It Away Day, but has been a little quiet in recent years.

The current climate crisis though requires action NOW. We are interested in a Sustainable Greener Future and our interests cover organic gardening, up-cycling, ethical investing and green energy, transport sharing and environmental protection and enhancement, to name but a few.

We may hold some interesting talks but we also want to take action and create projects. Climate Change affects all of us and we welcome you all, we can work together on any green projects which particularly take your fancy.

Please get in touch with Kate 01626 772843 or email

One of first big changes may be a name change – what do you think? Does Sustainable Bishop need a different name? If we do change, there will be a prize for the winning suggestion. Get your thinking caps on! Any suggestions can be made through the Sustainable Bishop Facebook page – you do not have to have a facebook account to view the page.

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