Probus – Talk about Dartmoor

The guest speaker at Bishopsteignton Probus Club, Tony Burgess, serves as an official guide for the Dartmoor National Park Authority, so he had plenty of amusing stories and facts to entertain and educate club members about Dartmoor.  He presented a slide show to illustrate his stories and mentioned many interesting facts including Dartmoor’s sixteen rivers, 160 tors and their existence over millions of years.  One, Willhays Tor is the highest point in Southern England.

Tony offered practical advice when visiting Dartmoor, including the need to take a map and compass, especially important if the mist comes down, because the National Park Authority will not allow signs on Dartmoor.

Club members were told about Dartmoor folklore and legends, including pixies, ghosts, witchcraft and Prehistoric remains, illustrated by various slides of stone circles (including Scorhill) and stone rows, such as Merrivale.

Round houses were very popular on Dartmoor until the Norman invasion, after which Devon long houses were introduced and became increasingly popular due to their greater size and sophistication which gave greater flexibility and improved facilities.

The Probus Club is for retired men and those nearing retirement.  It is a small, friendly and welcoming club.The Chairman Baz Carpenter (telephone 01626 774056) or secretary Tony Corlett (01626 774772) would be pleased to give more information, including our system of encouraging potential members to attend initial meetings free of charge to let you see if you like the club’s warm atmosphere, fellowship and varied activities.

Photo attached: Tony Burgess (right) is thanked by club member, Roland Sankey.

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