Winter Fuel Allowance

Sir Andrew Ridgway writes…

Something that comes around at this time of year is the Winter Fuel Allowance – for those who receive it this means £100 per head paid in the run up to Christmas. The purpose of the Allowance is to ensure that everyone can keep warm during the depth of winter by keeping their heating running at home. For some in our community this is an absolute Godsend and provides critical and timely financial support. However, many people in the village can keep their heating running with, or without, the Allowance. For them, the Allowance is a nice Christmas bonus. Valerie and I have always felt a little embarrassed about receiving this grant of taxpayers money and each year we pass it on to charities.

This year we have both decided to give our Allowance to the Church Roof Repair Fund. You will probably be aware that the essential repairs to the Church roof will costs something in the order of £400,000. We are in the process of submitting a claim to the National Lottery Heritage Fund for £250,000. For this to succeed we need to demonstrate that the local community is prepared to play its part in generating some matched funding. If 10 people in the village passed on their Winter Fuel Allowance that would generate £1000.

If you are able to consider making a one-off donation of your Allowance that would be very much appreciated. Please make a cheque payable to Bishopsteignton PCC and send it to our Treasurer at 47 Cockhaven Road, Bishopsteignton or by BACS to sort code 08-92-99 account number 65322325. Reference: WFA

With many thanks and best wishes for a very Happy Christmas.

Sir Andrew Ridgway

Chair, Church Maintenance Committee

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